Jen Levkovitch (Женя Левкович) – poet, poetry-translator (English, German, Spanish, Dutch), member of Writer Union of St.Petersburg ( ) and Literary Fund of Russian Federation./p>


Was born in St.Petersburg, Russia. After graduation from the college, Jen continued education by concentrating on the study of English and German languages, theory and history of versification. Later Jen completed the education in Europe, with specialisation in History of Arts - UDK Berlin  (2002), AHK, Amsterdam (2005, Bachelor), HKU, Utrecht (2007, Master).


Jen Levkovitch has been professionally writing and translating poetry since early 1990. Firstly, by recommendation of St.Petersburg’s poet Marina Kleimiz, participated in action of  Gleb Semjonov’s The Literary Association (1993-1996), later on took a part in the work of Poetry seminars led by Alexander Kushner (1996-2004). Since 2002, Jen has been involved in activities of The Studio of Young Writer “Thursday-Evening” by Galina Gamper (from 2016 – Literary Association in the name of Galina Gamper).


The first book of lyrics “Anamnesis” («Анамнез») was published by St.-Petersburg’s publishing house “Borej-Print” («Борей-Принт») in 1999 (ISBN 5-286-01 324-4), in collaboration with the painter and book-illustrator Alexey Simonenco ( )./p>

Cooperation work with Simonenco proofed to be fruitful, and in 2000 Alexey and Jen created the next poetry-book “Herbalist” («Травник») at the request of the same publisher. Unfortunately, the publishing house reduced it’s production and the book has been left unpublished (reached condition of Camera-ready in 2014, by support of Ministry of Culture of Russia)./p>

Currently, with the assistance of the proofreader Grita Shalman, the following books of poetry are waiting for publication:

“On the Verge of No…” («На Грани не…»), 2003.

“The Eve’s Paradise” («Евин Рай»), 2008.

“Around St.Petersburg” («Вокруг Петербурга»), 2013.

“Useful advices for the life-hold management” («Полезные советы по Жизневодству»), 2014.

“Codex of the Time” («Кодекс Времени»), 2015.

“Words without Songs”(«Слова без Песен»), 2017.

“Shan Hai Jing in pictures”, («Шань Хай Цзин в изображениях»), 2019.

«Divine Covimerone-19», 2020./p>


Also, Jen Levkovitch is the author of several short plays:

"Monosexual Hyperboloids of Rotation", 2013.

"The Treason or Five to five", 2014. Presented at the Festival of short-meter plays "In short TXT" by St.Petersburg’s museum of Contemporary Arts Erarta ( )

"Absurd of Absurd", 2018.


As part of the popularization of Russian and foreign poetry, Jen took part in live broadcasts of the VOT TV channel (Ваше_общественное_телевидение! ) in the TV programs “Donquixotes” (author's program of Viktor Koretsky, broadcast on 11.07.2013) and “Forum” (presenter Dmitry Vitushkin, broadcast 09.26.2013).


Levkovich's literary activity was awarded by the State scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in 2014.


Selections of poems and translations were published in such magazines and almanacs as:

“Folio Verso”, 2004 (

“The Young Petersburg” («Молодой Петербург»), 2007 (ISBN 978-5-901800-93-5)/p>

“Neva” («Нева»), 2007 (>

“Unknown Petersburg («Неизвестный Петербург»), 2013 (ISBN 978-5-4311-0069-7)/p>

“My Victory” («Моя Победа»), 2014 (ISBN 978-5-91404-137-0)

“Seven Arts” («Семь Искусств»), 2015 (,/span>

«The Leningrad region - a land of successful people», 2016 (ISBN 978-5-903562-73-2) /p>

“Portrait” («Портрет»), 2019 (ISBN 978-5-9676-1059-2)/p>

Among others


At the initiative of government of the Leningrad Region, a bilingual almanac "The Leningrad Region - a land of successful people" (compiler Yuri Shevchuk) was published in 2016  (ISBN 978-5-903562-73-2) in which not only Levkovich's poems in Russian were presented, but also, with the assistance of the proofreader Wendy Sanderson, translations of Russian poetry into English, including the Anthem of the Leningrad Region. Since that time, Jen has constantly worked on translations of classical and contemporary Russian poetry and lyrics into English.